Light up
learning online

Breakaway from traditional learning techniques and be empowered by a Lightboard. In an instant, your recorded video series become more engaging, expressive and the preferred video format as chosen by your audience.

Face your audience

Record using a mobile

Your Illustrations ‘Glow’

Drawings are lit up

No editing required

Flip the video when finished

A laptop with a video showing a man using a Lightboard to present an IT presentation

Introducing Lightboard

A Lightboard is specialist illuminated glass that enables you to face your audience and literally light up your ideas as you write. Unlike normal whiteboards, the light board allows you to:

Continuously interact with your audience

Avoid obstructing their view

Not interrupt the flow of your presentation

6 reasons to use a lightboard

Capture attention

Make your ideas come to life in a more engaging format

Easily overlay images

Overlay graphics, diagrams and drawings to enrich your vdeos

Quickly create content

Minimum work required to film and edit lightboard videos

Feels more personal

Videos feel more personal as you face your audience

Immersive content

Visual illustrations are easier to understand for your audience

No editing required

Maintain high production quality with no editing

For corporate and education environments

Connect with your audience in a unique way that’s memorable and engaging, without the usual trade-off between high production costs and quality.

Content marketing

Explain your product and services in an engaging way, with little video experience required.

Video presentations

Enrich powerpoints with quick-to-make videos that are easy to set up and film.

Support resources

Create ‘explainer videos’ to help customers overcome issues with your product or services.

Live streaming apps

Broadcast your message with a video form that’s perfect for live media platforms.

What can you do with a Lightboard?

Lighboards are not only the new way of thinking when it comes to online media, they are also versatile.

A monitor showing Lightboard lecture with female presenter

How to tutorials

Help your students or potential customers learn something new

Recorded lectures

Create online lessons so your viewers learn in their own time

Collaborative videos

Different colour pens let two or more people present together

See our Lightboard Studio packages

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Feel confident that your Lightboard is built to last for many years with continuous use. We achieve this by using select premium grade components from UK based manufacturers and post-treating the Lightboard. This makes every Lightboard durable, easy to move and able to withstand years of use.

Carefully selected materials from British based manufacturers that comply with all regulations. All lightboards have these core principals:

  • Easily cleaned
  • Lightweight and easily disassemble
  • Easily cleaned
  • 50+ UltraBright LED lights

Preparing for a video shoot can be tedious; lighting and the position of the presenter will need to be set up and controlled. With the considerate design of our Lightboards, we’ve reduced the stress of getting your video looking geat. We’ve done this by extending the width of the glass for longer drawings and constructed the frames to evenly reflect light onto the presenter.

Lightboard Studio office group photo

Our Vision

We have all benefited in some way thanks to online educational videos, whether that’s learning a new skill, tool or hobby. We’ve created Lightboard Studio to help empower teachers and other presenters to produce compelling videos more quickly with lower investment in time and cost. This way, it’s easier to accomplish the mission of every educational video – to help the viewer learn something new. We think that’s an important thing, and we’re pleased to contribute to it.

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International shipping

Locally sourced materials

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